LemPro Duckweed - A Small Plant with a Big Future
LemPro Concentrate a single cell protein derived from Duckweed (LEMNA) using a proprietary process founded by Freddie Hebert after more than 15 years of research. Lempro's Products and process provide a method that is self-sustaining to fertilize duckweed at an affordable cost. This unique fertilizing method increases duckweed's growth rate dramatically, and creates a solution to address food, energy and water shortages around the globe.

  • 1.
    Healthy Organic Food Source Solution for Animals and Humans
  • 2.
    Sustainable Clean Energy Source Solution
  • 3.
    Waste Water Treatment Solution
  • 4.
    Sustainable Organic Direct Application Fertilizer Solution
  • 5.
    Affordable, Year-Round Cash Crop Solution

Our Project

The LemPro Duckweed Project has small and large-scale community farming impacts in rural and urban America. Our proprietary system to grow duckweed is affordable and allows the crop to grow at an accelerated rate that no one else has been able to achieve. It will enable farmers to grow duckweed crop continuously, which when harvested and processed with our proprietary system, will produce a highly in-demand organic protein and would fulfill the global shortage of organic protein. Organic protein is used in fishmeal, animal feed, and fertilizer. The products produced from this process will allow farmers to significantly increase their profitability while keeping their costs low.

LemPro Presentation    

This project will serve as a model / pilot project that could be replicated in other areas of the country and around the globe.