About Us

LemPro Inc. was established after many years of research and development with several different Louisiana feed stocks, duckweed was selected by Mr. Hebert because of its many benefits. The Company's work of developing a phase program around the growing, harvesting and utilization of duckweed as a cash crop with the potential to generate jobs, affordable food source, clean water, and sustainable energy. The LemPro Duckweed project was incubated in 2014. Phase I design is structured to train and assist small farmers located in the South East Region of the United States. Phase II design is structured to train and assist other identified underdeveloped regions of the United States. Phase III design is structured to train and assist developing nations around the globe.

Our Mission

    LemPro's mission is to develop and produce high quality sustainable nutritional and energy related products, which are "Green" and benefit all aspects of life on earth, while providing economic growth for the Company and the communities it serves. The Company's values are rooted in uplifting communities that have been disadvantaged or underdeveloped and will seek to improve the lives of those affected through employment, services and charitable donations.