Jay Moskowitz

Jay Moskowitz is a 30+ year seasoned executive and management consultant with broad cross industry experience and skill in leading, transforming, and managing successful companies. As an entrepreneur he has built and managed four successful companies, and as consultant has serviced multi-national “Fortune 500” enterprises in diverse industries such as manufacturing, retail and grocery, health care, pharmaceutical, technology and financial services. Jay has worked closely with companies such as Alcoa, Honeywell, Bayer, International Paper, United Technologies, General Motors and Freudenberg-NOK. His areas of expertise include organization development, change management, strategic planning, turnaround deployments, marketing and merchandising strategies, and the utilization of “Lean”, “Six Sigma”, and “Theory of Constraints (TOC)” principles, practices and processes. Jay served as Chairman & CEO of Step3 Consulting from 1986-2007 and as Chairman & CEO of eMedicalFiles from 2003-2009. Most recently Jay serves as CEO of NeoSys International, a consulting company specializing supply synchronization and technological innovation. Jay received his Baccalaureate degree from Hunter College of the City University of New York and did his Masters and Doctoral work at the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Rochester respectively. In his current role as Special Advisor to the President and CEO, Jay works closely with the President and CEO in support of issues that require specific follow-up. He provides leadership to further the strategic agenda of the President, CEO and Board of Directors.