Freddie Hebert

Freddie Hebert is the Founder and President of LemPro®. He is an inventor and the lead technical force behind the Duckweed project. Freddie has been a licensed Ethanol producer since 1979. He learned to make ethanol at an early age by working with his grandfather in West Virginia. Freddie learned to build refineries working with his father, a superintendent who built refineries in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Freddie is a gifted technician and tradesman. He has experience in building homes, farming, and general repair and building maintenance. In 1979, when President Jimmy Carter was in Office, he sent farmers a book called Fuel From Farms. This book, coupled with the gas spike, and his family experience working with ethanol inspired Freddie to enroll in an Ethanol production course in Colby, Kansas. Freddie has been producing Ethanol out of a number of different Louisiana feedstock for the last 35 years. He won the National Energy Award in 1992 for a farm energy demonstration project where he produced electricity using methane. Freddie has been a leading duckweed expert and helped support the expansion of research with this cash crop for over 20 years. Freddie’s ground-breaking research created an affordable proprietary process which produces an increase in the duckweed growth cycle that is poised to change the future for farmers in the US, and help eradicate hunger around the globe.