Dr. Boris Gorinshteyn

Dr. Boris Gorinshteyn has broad experience in research and product development. He currently holds position of Chief Science Officer and is a sole inventor of BerbereX® and Nuvileo™ platform technologies that brings novel and unique approach to formulation of pharmaceutical products based on botanicals. Dr. Gorinshteyn is a licensed doctor of naturopathy with an active practice in Atlanta, GA. His journey began in Russia where he started learning phytotherapy at the Department of Alternative Medicine of Athletic Rehabilitation Center. Later, Dr. Gorinshteyn conducted research in magneto-biology at Central Research Laboratory of Rostov Medical School. The research findings were presented at conferences of Russian Academy of Science. After immigration Boris has continued his education. Dr. Gorinshteyn has received a degree in Biology from Georgia State University and later received a degree Doctor of Naturopathy at United States School of Naturopathy and Allied Science. In his current role as VP of Product Development, Dr. Gorinshteyn collaborates with Founder, Freddie Hebert, and Sales to develop products that support strategic business relationships. He is responsible for product development strategies in alignment with LemPro’s goals, desired customer experience, customer feedback and overall market opportunities in the human and livestock nutritional industries.